Your SIMPLE guide to BS7909

This website is designed to help Production Managers and Producers understand how they can comply with BS7909 in the television and film industry.

“What is BS7909?”

BS7909 is the code of practice for temporary electrical systems for entertainment and related purposes. More Info

“Does my production have to comply with BS7909?”

If you are doing anything with power or lighting for entertainment, then the answer is simply YES. More info

“What do I need to do to comply?”

You simply need appoint a competent person as the “Senior Person Responsible”. Once you have appointed a competent “Senior Person Responsible” it is their job to ensure that your production complies with BS7909. This person should then provide certificates and paperwork to prove that the system is safe to use. More info

“How do I choose the “Senior Person Responsible?”

In fully serviced studios the the studio should have a designated “Senior Person Responsible”. However, in a 4 waller or on an OB it is a little more difficult. On my jobs I am the “Senior Person Responsible” because I am lucky enough to be a fully qualified time served electrician and have been trained in BS7909. This means that I possess the skills to design and manage temporary electrical installations in accordance with BS7909 as well as being the lighting director. More info

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