How do I choose the “Senior Person Responsible?”

In fully serviced studios the the studio should have a designated “Senior Person Responsible”. However, in a 4 waller or on an OB it is a little more difficult.

If you are looking for a “Senior Person Responsible” then why not take a look at my lighting website. I am a double award winning freelance Lighting Director. I am also a fully qualified electrician and I hold my C&G 2391 (an extra qualification that enables me to inspect and test other peoples electrical work). I regularly design and manage large temporary electrical installation in accordance with tempe ac service

BS7909 reads:

“The senior person responsible should have sufficient and suitable competence to enable them to ensure the safety in all respects of any temporary electrical system in all conditions that can reasonably be predicted to occur.”

“The person responsible for the temporary electrical system needs to understand the equipment and procedures developed for such events as these differ considerably from those used for permanent installations.”

“Any person taking responsibility for large / complex temporary electrical systems should be trained and experienced in all aspects of the control and use of temporary electrical systems and competent to perform the work required”

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